Our purpose is to welcome all who are searching for a community of faith
in which to deepen their relationship with God and to share with others the
gifts of faith, hope and love, that are found in being a disciple of Jesus
Our vision is to be a faith community in which all people find hope, the
wounded find healing, the excluded are welcomed and the disenfranchised
find a home.  We aim to be a community of people who welcome, affirm in
the journey of faith, and challenge all to an even deeper more intimate
relationship with Jesus Christ and each other.
We invite you to join us!  We are one of many Old Catholic Churches
throughout the United States. We celebrate the presence of God in
Liturgy, Education, Stewardship and Outreach.  We are a community that
comes together to share our experience, strength and hope with each
other, so that we can live out our faith in our daily lives.  We celebrate
the richness of the Sacramental life in all seven Sacraments and welcome
all baptized persons to participation.  We are a community dedicated to
openness, and honesty.  We are committed to collaboration and
collegiality.  We are self governing, and self supporting.  
Spirit of Hope Catholic Community

"In essentials unity, in nonessentials diversity, in all things charity."  
St. Augustine
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welcomed here; that
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us on the wonderful
and amazing journey
of faith.
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All baptized persons are welcome to full participation in our
   Eucharistic Liturgy and all the Sacraments.

We are committed to Equality, Respect, Collaboration and Social Justice.

We are committed to growing together in our relationship with God.
Updated October 4, 2014
Saturday MASS - 5:00 pm
Thursday Mass - 6:00 pm

Rev. Marty Shanahan
Rev. Joan Flood
Rev. Colleen Woodley
Rev. Deacon Corein Brown

we are co-located with
St Anne's Episcopal Church
2035 Charlton Road
Sunfish  Lake MN 55118

Map & Directions
Gaychurch.org is a website
dedicated to ministering to
the gay Christian
community  and to the
friends of our community.
Links of Interest
Cleaning for a reason
provides FREE
housecleaning for women
undergoing chemo.
Cabrini Partnership serves
homeless adults with mental
illness and chemical
Catholics for Equality
empowers pro-equality
Catholics to put our faith into
ethical and effective political
action on behalf of the LGBT
community and their families.
Member of the Holy Cross Old Catholic Diocese of the Midwest
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A Community of Radical Hospitality, Provocative Nurturing,  and Courageous, Compassionate, Leadership
Pope Francis God's blessings
Old Catholic - Roman
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Neighbors Supportive
Services Primarily through
the service of volunteers,
Neighbors provides
emergency assistance and
supportive assistance
programs in No. Dakota Co
First Eucharist May 10, 2014
Congratulations Ian and David
                         IMPORTANT COMMUNITY NEWS
 Our 1st annual election of the Circle of Servant Leaders for Spirit of  
 Hope will occur in connection with our liturgy on Saturday, November 15.
If you or someone you know may be called to serve on the Circle,
 please complete a copy of the nomination form and submit it in the
 offertory basket during the liturgies or mail it to our church office. You  
 may nominate yourself.  Nominations must be received by the dismissal
 from the liturgy on Saturday, November 1 in order to be eligible to be
listed on the ballot for the election. Please watch this space for further
 details regarding the annual meeting.

 Also here is the schedule of monthly liturgies at which the strategic plan
 working group will share, either as part of the liturgy or immediately
 following the service, details regarding the major components of the
 strategic plan that have been developed:

    October 4:  Radical Hospitality          
    November 8:  Provocative Nurturing
    December 13: Courageous, Compassionate Leadership
    January 10: Core Values