Rev. Marty Shanahan, M.Div., M.A., M.A.

Marty serves as Pastor of Spirit of Hope Catholic
Community. He is also an 11 year veteran
Chaplain with the St. Paul Police Department.
He served as Chaplain with Catholic Charities for
3 years and previously served 4 years in the
United States Air Force Reserve as a Chaplain
  Rev. Colleen E. Woodley

Colleen was ordained to the deaconate
by Bishop James R. Judd on Feb. 19,
2011 with the Holy Cross Old Catholic
Diocese of Minnesota. Colleen serves as
Deacon at Spirit of Hope Catholic
Marty is currently employed as Chaplain with the Minnesota
Department of Corrections facility in Rush City MN.

Marty graduated from St Pious X Seminary in Erlanger, KY with a
B.A. in Philosophy and a B.A. in History in 1983. He graduated
from St Paul Seminary School of Divinity with an M. Div and M.A.
concentrations in Systematic and Moral Theology.

Marty Was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Diana C. Dale on
Jan, 19, 2008 with the Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church.

Marty and his wife Kathy have two children, Megan and Kelly.
Colleen spent 4 years in Winona, Minnesota where she
studied sociology at Winona State and received a diploma in
nursing from Winona Technical College. During her 35 year
nursing career, Colleen worked in cardiac care and
maternity and child care, however most of her time was
spent in hospice care.

In 2003 she returned to college and earned a B.A. in
theology from the University of St. Thomas. Since
completing her undergraduate theology studies, Colleen
began her graduate work at St. Paul Seminary School of
Divinity in 2005 where she studied moral theology. During
the past 6 years she has worked in youth ministry and end
of life care and counseling.

Colleen is a native of St. Paul where she currently lives with
her longtime friend and colleague, Ellie, and an intermittent
stream of family and friends.
  Rev. Corein E. Brown

Corein Brown was ordained to the deaconate
by Bishop James R. Judd on September 10,
2011. She serves as Deacon at Spirit of Hope
Catholic Community, Holy Cross Old Catholic
Diocese of Minnesota.

Corein completed her Master of Divinity from
St John's School of Theology seminary in May 2010 and
received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from
New Mexico State University in 2003. Between completing her
bachelor's and pursuing her master's degree, Corein enjoyed
traveling and working in a variety of ministry and social services
settings in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and North Carolina.

Corein currently works at the Collegeville Institute for
Ecumenical and Cultural Research as the Communications and
Research Associate. When she's not on the road between
Collegeville MN, and the Twin Cities, Corein enjoys biking, doing
anything outdoors, playing with friends,volunteering with
Central Minnesota Catholic Worker, dreaming of becoming a
bluegrass musician and writing (you can check out her blog at

Corein looks forward to continuing to serve Spirit of Hope
Catholic Community, exploring what it means to live into her
call and celebrating the beautiful and challenging journey of
        Rev. Joan Flood

Joan serves as Associate Pastor at
Spirit of Hope Catholic Community.
She is grateful to have been called to
various ministries throughout her
career and is ever mindful of the
miracles God has put before her in   
her life. She is presently employed by the Federal Court in
St. Paul.

Joan graduated from University of St. Thomas with a B.A. in
Political Science in 1985. She received her M.A. in Theology
and Ministry from Luther Seminary, and completed her M.
Div. at United Theological Seminary. She is the proud
mother of two grown children, Danny and Hannah. She
loves music, writing, quilting, drinking coffee, and listening
to peoples’ stories. She also loves stepping into each day
with wonder, as life has taught her well, you never quite
know what God has in store.

Joan was ordained to the Priesthood by Bishop James R.
Judd, Holy Cross Old Catholic Diocese of Minnesota on Nov.  
24, 2012.
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